Create An Assignment 2: The Second 1

This assignment in pretty simple, yet very powerful.  Mash-up your own work!  Take at least 3 things you’ve done this semester, and combine them together to make one cohesive things.  For example:  I took all my host character work related the his haunted mansion, and turned it into a single piece.  It’s a poem, read over a haunted mansion ambiance track, with a little blurb about the mansion underneath.  All 3 pieces were separate assignments, but they mash-up into one cohesive piece.

Spooksy’s mansion is the happiest place on Earth!  There’s candy, and XBOX One, and all the toys you could possible ask for.  More toys than you’d ever have time to play with, even if you played with them for the rest of your life…  And you just may play with them for the rest of your life.  Or at least, until he shows you the basement…

2 thoughts on “Create An Assignment 2: The Second 1”

  1. I love this mashup. It is really cool to look back on your work and pick your favorites to put together. I like how you chose three things that you related to your host character. Keep up the good work.

  2. I was contemplating on completing this assignment too! I was confused as to what completed assignments I should incorporate or what I would consider to be my “best”. I really liked how you incorporated your host character by combining all of the work they completed into this assignment. Great idea!

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