A horrible evening of radio listening

So I chose to sit in on the horrible hosts and corpus metus.  I thought I got some good feedback about our radio show, and I definitely saw some areas that could have been stronger in our show by listening to corpus’s.  Specifically, they had GREAT transitions.  It really made me feel like I should have stepped up our game a bit with more musical fades and interludes.  Also, in listening to our show with the group, I felt it ended too abruptly.  While I did do a verbal outro, it should have been accompanied by music that extended past the end to close the show out more smoothly.  I also liked how people put background music and sound effects to their parts, and I wish I had incorporated more of that into my own work.  I know there’s more work to do and not enough time to spend 3 weeks on the radio show, but man, if I had gotten this opportunity and then been able to go back and resubmit, I would have been able to turn in a much stronger version of our show.

2 thoughts on “A horrible evening of radio listening”

  1. I felt the same after listening to other radio shows throughout the week. I wish I would have spent more time adding in different sound effect features. Sound effects and background music are what really make radio shows great!

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