A Framework of Terror

So here it is, the time we’ve all been waiting for: The final project.  I spent this week focusing on script writing, music composition, and story layout.  I have written an original song to serve as the sound track for my final project (The song you’re hopefully listening to now).  The song’s length will roughly correlate with the time it takes to consume my piece.  I have decided to limit the total time it takes to experience my project to around four minutes.  I have done this for a few reasons:

1 – I don’t want people to get bored or lose interest.  I am a firm believer in micro attention, and as such a feel the most powerful message is one delivered in a bite sized format that’s easy to consume and straight to the point.  I personally won’t bother reading/or watching something on the internet if it’s of a great length, or if I start to feel like the length is being artificially extended.  I want straight to the point, everything that needs to be there, and nothing that doesn’t.

2 – I don’t want my work to suffer because I have so many elements that they all don’t get the attention they deserve.  The real star of this project is going to be the pre-production effort.  As you may have caught from my opening, I am actually composing and preforming a musical piece from scratch for this.

I envision the project to be a single blog post, meant to look like a third party has already aggregated all the pieces of the story from various venues.  I very much want this post to feel like a documentary of sorts.  I intend it to be a pretty objective accounting of the actual story.  After a short intro blurb, there will be a video blog of the main character to watch, which will tell part of his story.  Essentially, he was hiking through the woods one day when he came upon a dilapidated house.  He entered it out of curiosity, but soon heard disturbing sounds from the basement.  Sounds of children in distress, but also of something else.  There will be an audio recording of this event.  The video will mainly be a self depricating tale of regret about him not attempting to help the children.  He will talk about the steps he’s taken with law enforcement.  I intend to have to him talk about smoking marijuana on the hike, and having the police disregard him.  Eventually he will decide to go back to the house.  There will then be a second video after he returns from the house with crayon drawings seemingly done by children.  These will depict Spooksy as first a lovable friendly guy, as we have seen him, but then as the monster he really is.  It will seem the house has been used again, but no one was present when he was there.  He will decide to visit the house a third time to wait for whomever resides there.  After this, I will have an official police report of his disappearance, and a little outtro blurb by the narrator.

4 thoughts on “A Framework of Terror”

  1. Sounds interesting! So is this meant to be that a third party (the hiker) discovers Spooksy’s mansion, and then the events that follow?
    I also think it is really awesome that you are creating your own soundtrack for the final project!! I can’t wait to see all of the pieces put together!

  2. I like the music for the sound track – nice creation. Will this be used as background music? If he goes back to the house does that mean he has a conscience? This can turn quite gruesome depending on who he meets at the house on his final visit.

  3. It seems like you have a great start going so far. I like how you created a song to incorporate into your final project.

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